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We help restaurant owners increase sales by boosting visibility and brand exposure using the power of press release marketing.

"Finally a powerful Restaurant Press Release marketing strategy for restaurants owners that actually works consistently without any extra work and under budget using awesome content creators and PR distribution..." - James Ford, GM

Make Your Restaurant Stand Out!

More Visibility, More Traffic, More Sales.

Restaurant Press Release

First, we'll develop a buzz-worthy campaign strategy for your pub or restaurant that everyone will enjoy.

Public relations is one of the most crucial marketing activities for restaurants! We will assist you in developing a laser-targeted marketing plan that is geared to grow your business.

Second, we will broadcast your buzz-worthy campaign on high-authority websites around the web.

We distribute your content to high-traffic food blogs, social media food groups and influencers, food and beverage industry news sites, video and podcast sites, SlideShare, national news sites such as NBC, CBS, and Google News, and many more.

Restaurant Press Release

Video courtesy of Bullock Texas State History Museum.

“When people travel from all over the world to come see us in a town of a thousand people it’s just personally rewarding.” –Kerry Bexley, Owner

Hundreds Of Restaurant Press Releases Are Distributed Every Day To Increase Brand Visibility.

The majority of these news releases are sent by large restaurants or franchises in order to promote their brand. Now we want to provide small local restaurant owners the same option to generate attention-grabbing press releases and send them to big newspapers and news sites.

Are You Ready to Increase Your Restaurant's Revenue?

Allow us to create and disseminate your viral press release campaign over the web today.

Restaurant Press Release

Book your demo today and see how it’s a no-brainer how easy we are to work with. After providing your information using the form, you consent to be contacted by our team to demonstrate how we can assist increase your revenue through PR. Schedule your free 15-minute call today to determine whether your restaurant is a suitable fit for working with us.

*Campaign price is decided by the package specifics and the number of campaigns selected following the call.