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The smart use of press releases can be an effective way to help a restaurant grow. BuzzyCity is a new leader in the space with an easy-to-use and attractively priced marketing platform dedicated exclusively to the industry.

Restaurant owners are often faced with the challenge of finding new ways of carrying the news about their business to both new customers and to renew interest in former guests. There are many directions these kinds of efforts can take, of mixed value, but one that is often neglected is restaurant press release marketing. In exciting news, a new company has recently launched to help solve this problem. Enter BuzzyCity.

BuzzyCity is a platform with a highly trained and experienced marketing staff that focuses solely on restaurant press release marketing. They have received quick accolades for the firm’s effectiveness in increasing client awareness and brand exposure, as well as sales, with only a small investment when compared to other conventional marketing approaches. Previously, press releases were largely sent by big-name corporations and chains, but BuzzyCity has now made it possible for restaurants of any size to reap the same benefits.

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“The majority of these restaurant press releases you see today are sent by large restaurants or franchises in order to promote their brand,” commented a spokesperson from BuzzyCity.  “Now we want to provide small local restaurant owners the same options to generate attention-grabbing press releases and send them to big newspapers and news sites.”

According to the platform, its team helps clients produce an SEO-optimized news release that when published will rank on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. In addition, and importantly, the press release marketing is also sent to high-traffic food blogs, social media food groups and influencers, food and beverage industry news sites, video sites, podcast sites, SlideShare, national news sites such as NBC, CBS, and Google News, and many more. This industry focus is something that most other companies in the press release marketing space would be unlikely to be able to match.

The early feedback for BuzzyCity has been quite passionate.

Chris S., from Boston, recently said in a five-star review, “The pandemic was quite rough on our restaurant, and getting out the word that we now also deliver was a challenge. Thankfully we brought on BuzzyCity. They helped us turn things around in a big way. Fully recommended.”
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